Fee Schedule for Mediation and Arbitration

Arbitration Hearings in Nova Scotia

  • $2,000 per day of hearing; where half-day only reserved, charged @ $1,000.
  • executive sessions, conference calls etc. charged on hourly basis @ $200/hr.


  • $1,500 usual charge for award of any complexity; where time for consideration and preparation of award exceeds 10 hours, depending on complexity of issues amount may be charged on hourly basis @ $200/hr.


  • $200.00 per hour

Cancellations (arbitrations)

  • cancellations where matter not actually scheduled: no charge
  • cancellations more than 2 weeks in advance $600 for the first day, $300 per day thereafter
  • cancellations between 2 weeks and 2 days $1,000 for the first day, $600 per day thereafter
  • cancellations less than 2 days $1,500 for the first day, $600 per day thereafter

Where matter of any length is immediately adjourned to future dates, cancellation fee for adjournment will be limited to rate for first day.

Mediation cancellation

  • charged similar to arbitrations, depending upon how much time reserved; usually no charge for rescheduling

Expenses and HST

  • all expenses, including hotel cancellation fees, are extra; HST is extra charge to all but exempt parties

Travel Time

  • there is no charge (apart from mileage) for travel to anywhere within three hour drive of Halifax (includes Yarmouth to south and Port Hawksbury to North)
  • travel outside that radius within Atlantic Canada may attract travel time at one-half hourly rate to maximum of six hours for return trip, unless air travel is feasible.

Legal Services

These fees do not apply to my services as a lawyer, which are quoted on request and may vary according to the type of work involved.