Legal Services

As a litigation lawyer with over thirty years of experience, I have represented parties in disputes of many types, often involving large sums of money or matters of otherwise great importance.

Embarking on litigation is a significant step that should not be taken lightly. It should be a last resort, rather than a first impulse, toward resolving a legal dispute. Too many people start lawsuits without a proper understanding of what it is going to cost financially and emotionally, and far too often people are left feeling that the legal system has not served them well. In my opinion, this is often because the lawyers involved have failed to properly educate their clients about what they are getting into, and what to expect.

It does not have to be this way.

As a lawyer now practising in a home office environment, with a parallel career in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), I am restricting my legal work to selective matters that can be appropriately handled without the benefit of support staff or typical office infrastructure. I am available and well positioned to provide consultations (including second opinions) that will give clients a good sense of the strength or weakness of their legal position. The decision about whether or not to embark upon litigation is a difficult one, and it can be beneficial to have that advice from someone who is not trying to sign up a new litigation client.

I am still offering my litigation services in matters involving appeals, or certain other disputes which fit with my experience, interests and current capability.

Fees for my legal services are not quoted here. I will quote on fees directly, and the amount (hourly or otherwise) may depend on the type of work involved.